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this isnt even my final aesthetic

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shout-out to the incredibly physically attractive aromantic asexual people that get bitched for being single because they’re “too full of themselves to date anyone”

shout-out to the aromantic asexual people who aren’t incredibly physically attractive that get made fun of…

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Potoo is a bizarre, nocturnal birds that are rarely seen during the day. They are master of disguise and can easily mistaken for a tree branch. They are monogamous and lay a single egg but place it in the nook of a branch or broken off stem instead of building an actual nest.

Their vocalization has frightened many locals, given rise to folktales throughout its range. According to legend, the call of the Potoo is the mournful lament of a spirit in love with but separated from the spirit of the moon.

It’s a fucking muppet


I was drawing yesterday at 3am. Give me feedback people ^^

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Sometimes I draw my friends as cats

Oh my gosh which one am I .-.

In the first one on the left next to Senpai

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Night Vale

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(via teruel-a-witch)

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Sometimes I draw my friends as cats


scientist (studying an atom): hey thats jade harleys symbol, from homestuck

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Sometimes, I don’t understand the demons on Supernatural.

Like, okay, you can’t cross a salt line. Fine. But they only ever salt the doors/windows.

You’re a demon. Just punch through a wall.

Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little vandalism.



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I want to be with someone who accepts that I’ll wear Starfleet Uniform to my own wedding

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cool people:

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